When I was writing this piece, my first paper will only be ten days away and it seems to me that writing is a way of escapism, indulging yourself with the pleasure of pouring down your ideas into an abstract writing canvas.

It was nothing out of the ordinary, to not update the blog even though the last post regarding “Pelajar Tajaan Di Luar Negara: Sibuk Melancong?” received nearly 11,000 hits mostly from the UK, the USA, Australia and Malaysia. I am really sorry for not updating this blog often as I was occupied with so many events happening in March and April. Nevertheless, I appreciate all the efforts to share the post and thank you for all the supports given in articulating the post that presented a substantial argument to defend us, the students who are studying abroad.

“You don’t go through life, you grow through life.”

– Kevin Ollie

Firstly, I am no motivational nor inspirational speaker in any sense but I am very passionate on empowering others, to see them grow and succeed in life. I would not dare to deny that there were others out there who have helped to shape me to become the person I am today and for that I am grateful for having them in my life. That is why, I personally think that it is important to help others as I have always believed that: do good and good will come to you. Also, you will be lying if you do not find any satisfaction in seeing the people you have helped became better persons themselves.

As history has taught us, it is not merely because of the presence of that one talented figure at the top but due to the actions of that person uniting the people, inspiring the nation to become a better nation and to help them realize their hidden potentials even when the potentials were within them all this while, unrealized. That is the basis of self-realization, to lead the people to realize that they can be the better version of themselves by unleashing their potentials. Some may realize this sooner or later without any guidance from anyone but for most, the attractiveness of comfort zone may lead them nowhere. Everyone can claim that they are leaders but if you fail to empower others even when there are no limiting constraints that may hinder you to develop the people who are with you, then sadly, you are no leader.

Secondly, the beauty of self-realization is that it will lead to self-development. Since now they know that they can be the better version of themselves, they will start to think how can they unleash their potentials and this can be achieved through self-development. This is where you grow in life, not only passing through life. This could be accomplished in numerous ways and to name a few:

  1. Read books on multiple genres and engage with the reading (not only restricted to self-development books)
  2. Be critical on everything happening around us (ask the what/why/how questions and link it back to our lives)
  3. Learn history and understand the context of key events in the timeline of the world history (learn from the good & the bad parts)
  4. Develop successful habits of successful people (through reading their autobiographies, videos of their interviews, TED Talks etc)
  5. Create the winning mentality environment in your team/society (to enhance the effectiveness of self-development)
  6. Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone (challenge yourself to greater heights!)
  7. Be content with what you have and with who you are (do not forget to be happy and appreciate yourself)
  8. Give back to the society more than what you received (believe in giving back, always)

I am pretty sure there are so many other ways to improve yourself and to empower others around you but hopefully with this post, it helps, at least, to spark a fire of self-development in every and each of us to be the better version of ourselves. There are so many things to learn out there and never be afraid to explore new things as they are more often than not worth our investments in our search to further improve ourselves and the people around us.

To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

– Winston Churchill

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