It is nearly a year and two months since I got here in the UK and surprisingly it is a mixed feeling – both happy and sad.

Happy as I was able to do what I yearned for and to travel to the places I dreamed of when I was in school and college. Reuniting with friends and realizing dreams in togetherness.

Sad as I was not be able to fully utilize my time during the first year. There were several occasions where I did not manage to give my best (for reasons) and there were opportunities that I missed.

Look back and smile on perils past.

Live a life without regrets, it is said and hence it is what keeps me marching forward in every step that I take.

Life is a beautiful struggle. Surely it is eh?

My friend, what is life without getting knocked down and punched straight into the face, if everything we do goes smoothly?

What is life if it is all black and white, without rainbow of colours, without kaleidoscopic rays slicing our lives?

My friend, one can only hope for the best, working so hard to get what one desires but in the end, one may still fail to get it. But what comes after that is the turning point, either you will stay as a failure or you will rise and this time you will come back even stronger.

Hope, my friend, is a powerful thing. It rages up the fire in you, it freezes the boiling fear you have within you.

Hope is the driver to the engine of life, it neither stops you nor it holds you back.

It is hope that keeps you moving forward, no matter what happened in the past, it will focus you to what is in front of you and that is what matters the most, my friend.

But my friend, to crave for what you want is to be hopeful and yet to be hopeful without actions is its own demise.

Lest we forget, the mistakes in the past in creating a better future ahead of us, for they remind us that we are mere humans. Searching for perfections in our imperfections. Striving for glory in our failures.

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