About Me

Hi there!

By way of introduction, I am a student of Economics and Politics at The University of Manchester, UK.

I can say that I enjoy reading non-fiction books of genres such as economics, history, psychology, politics, (not so much) philosophy to fiction books written by George Orwell on Utopian worlds and John le Carré on cold war spies to Haruki Murakami’s metaphysics novels and other Japanese short stories to heartbroken poetry and classic literatures. I tend to follow the Yin Yang way of life as much as to balance the life from the outside to the inner part of one’s self.

I  also spent a great deal of time in the past few years in writing pulp-fiction short stories and poetry, mostly on me being a romantic fool. Well unfortunately that is not an achievement I could be proud of. Nevertheless, the best part of it was that several of my poems and short stories were selected by a few indie groups and they got published into zines. I, myself had a history of publishing zines and associating with people who were passionate on writing these sorts of stuff. These moments are the ones that I will cherish forever in my small sphere of memories, hopefully until the last of my breath.

If I were to believe in one thing, that one thing is an optimistic vision that is continuously circulating in my mind. The vision of the future that we shape ourselves, not merely through words only but with the brute force of pragmatic values.

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